Anti Mapping / With Miki Kratsman

The Tel Aviv Museum of Art
March - November 2021

Khan al Ahmar, Position: 31°48’42” N 35°20’21” E, Altitude: 236.4 m, Timestamp: 25.6.2018 - 11:49-12:30

In Anti-Mapping, a collaborative project with photographer Miki Kratsman, we’re looking at the surface of the Earth as a photographic surface and a record-keeper. Our aim is to produce geographical documentation of the ongoing displacement of Palestinian and Bedouin communities throughout the territories governed by the State of Israel.

al-Jammama, Position: 31°29’51” N 34°41’7” E, Altitude: 164.2 m, Timestamp: 17.12.2018 - 13:27

Our documentation serves as an alternative to the restrictive visibility enforced by the Israeli government, which limits civilian access to maps and satellite imagery of the land. The resolution limit that Israeli aerial photography is subject to, does not allow for the gathering of geographical evidence on these places, which further obstructs the ability to document their history. By using drone photography and photogrammetry techniques, we have produced aerial views at a resolution that renders every rock, cinder block, grave, and more, at their finest detail, enabling a forensic study of the Earth, as a testimony to the atrocities endured by these communities.

al-'Araqib, Position: 31°20'42" N 34°46'52" E, Altitude: 376.5 m, Timestamp: 28.7.2018 - 14:27
al-Burj, Position: 31°54’9”N 35°1’14”E, Altitude: 276.6 m, Timestamp: 27.10.2018 - 10:15
al-Kunayyisa, Position: 31°53'19" N 34°57'30" E, Altitude: 252 m, Timestamp: 27.7.2018 - 17:00

Installation views
The Tel Aviv Museum of Art, March - November 2021